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The new age group
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Entered the new era

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Introduction to the group

    Jiangsu new era holding group co., LTDFounded in1995Years,The group is established2009Years12Month,Existing wholly-owned subsidiary、Holdings、Holding companies20More than。Group is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta,Located in liyang economic development zone industrial park of the north,Location is superior,The transportation is convenient,National highway、All the provincial highway running through development zone,Weeds too canal、Dan gold Li caohe(National level 3 channel)In the crisscrossed in the area。



    Group practice“Create value for customers、To create shareholder dividends、To create future for employees、Create benefits for the society”Our tenet,Stick to it“Unity、Efficient、Responsibility、Harmony”The enterprise core values,The chairman led LeWeiQing correct decision and management team,Seize opportunities,Forge ahead,After 20 years of hard struggle,Today's new era group has developed into strategic planning is clear、Industrial layout is clear、Group control、Strong is the core of enterprise culture......


One hundred million yuan

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Total assets

One hundred million yuan

Operating income


China's private manufacturing enterprises500Strong in the rankings

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Industry group

Real estate industry

In new age group“Do big property”As the goal,Is developing to the high-quality goods、Brand park high-end projects, etc。In the residential real estate,Project distribution Su Wan provinces,Supporting the construction of powerful business,Building brand effect is formed。On the park construction,Logistics park and electrical business park is located in liyang,Has formed a good industrial chain to gather and interaction effect。

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Building materials industry

Jiang Suhong concrete co., LTD., established in2012Years8Month,Is located in liyang city Zhou Cheng,The total area3Million square meters,Shipping port area800Square meters,Can stay at the same time more than thousand tons ship transport。The company has two180Type concrete mixer production line,Annual production capacity can reach200Ten thousand square,All kinds of concrete pump6Taiwan,All kinds of concrete mixer truck23Taiwan。

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High-end manufacturing

Jiangsu copper co., LTD., established in the new era2009Years12Month,Is located in liyang economic development zone industrial park of the north,Main production low oxygen copper rod、Copper wire、Oxygen free copper rod、Copper platoon、Flat wire、Silk covered wire、Electromagnetic flat wire、High precision copper and other products,Combination of continuous casting and rolling technology and equipment at home and abroad,Process efficiency,For energy saving、Environmental protection。

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High-tech industry

Jiangsu new materials technology co., LTD. Was established in the new era2013Years11Month,Located in the zhongguancun science and technology industrial park in jiangsu。The company mainly produces multi-functional composite paper alternatives to traditional wood pulp paper,Use of raw materials、Stone powder(Calcium carbonate)Instead of wood pulp,Product production process without bleach with water、Strong acid and strong alkali agents, etc,Zero emissions,No pollution。

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Green service industry

Rich in new era group business,Cover the financial funds、Trade supply chain、Star hotel、Ecological tourism、Ecological agriculture and other fields。Group“To do business”For the purpose,To guide the development of related industries,Strive to do good service、Management is with preferential treatment、The product is with preferential treatment,Will continue to optimize、Develop new business mode,Through capital flows、To gather industry chain、To develop the business bigger and stronger on the basis of good product。

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Group news

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Enterprise dynamic

Media reports

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